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  2. Erm, who? (Sorry James Marsters, whoever you are)
  3. Oh my good lord - I want to see that film NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the heads-up, Ariane, you had me at Thailand!
  5. Yeah, James Marsters is super-cool!
  6. Oh my goodness, you are so right! I'd want Taika Waititi directing, though.
  7. Today
  8. And there’s two more that are on my list! Avatar - never have I felt more preached at under the guise of entertainment! Granted the effects were phenomenal but my God, they did beat you round the head with their worthiness!! And I agree with every word about Wonder Woman - didn’t buy Gal Gadot as the Amazonian heroine (especially since she had no moral problem using femininity to her advantage in the Fast & Furious franchise). Frankie Adams would have rocked in that though - pretty and kickass!!
  9. Thanks! I'll look at it as soon as I can
  10. I’m sorry, but there’s only one name on the list (if we’re talking about actually seeing them) that’s of any interest to me!
  11. Bit like the Terminator films, then! Totes!
  12. Absolutely laughing my a$$ off here Ariane - thank you!
  13. and then get arrested as himself, which would drive Gail mad because in the end, if he had travelled in time to beat up the guy, there wouldn't be the need for the movie and Tom wouldn't be in movie jail so why bother? #whatIjustwrotedoesntmakeanysensebutIhadfun
  14. I just looked at the guest list - sooo cool that Torchwood is still doing the rounds. I used to go to all the Torchwood cons, and they were so much fun! Looks like a great lineup (assuming none of them cancel!).
  15. Tom should make a movie of it... playing the guy who impersonated him!
  16. I know, you almost have to admire anyone with the brass neck to pull a stunt like that!
  17. My worst film used to be Lost in Space, after all, with Gary Oldman and William Hurt (plus a young Jared Harris) in the cast, you'd expect something good, right? Wrong. The film was beyond dire. I can't even begin to list its crimes against good cinema. As I said, it used to be the worst film I'd ever seen, until Avatar - an unjustifiably over-hyped film of unparalleled thinly-veiled woncey pseudo native American drivel. In addition, the powers that be couldn't even be bothered to come up with a decent name for its maguffin. Unobtanium? ORLY? Far too much of the budget was spent on Buzzwordium and Wishalloy, and not enough on Sriborium and Bardolite. And then.... and then.... along came Wonder Woman. Now, the thing is, I know that DC films (barring the first two Dark Knights) are inevitably terrible (needless to say, I didn't even bother with Suicide Squad), so why did I take a punt on Wonder Woman? Ever the eternal optimist, I guess. Plus, even people who weren't keen on DC stuff told me it was a great movie, and like a fool, I trusted them. I wish I hadn't. I wish I'd trusted my instincts. I'll never get back that wasted time. Like Black Panther and Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who, Wonder Woman was nothing more than an overly-hyped ham-fisted attempt at box-ticking, with almost nothing of any substance to justify the time and money spent on it. At least with Black Panther, most of the visuals were up to spec (discounting the tacky-fleece-blankets-that-are-really-shields).
  18. Nicole

    Face Off

    In Ghana, the cinemas generally can't afford to license film posters and other p-mats, so they get local artists to paint the posters etc., instead. Given that most of the time, said artists haven't seen the films (nor their official posters), and that blurbs can lose a lot in translation, the resultant posters are often.... interesting. I've just come across this gem, and felt compelled to share it with you all! This is one of the better ones - it is at least almost on point! (Please note, I am not in any way mocking anyone's artistic ability; I'm just often amused by the results. In fact, Ghanaian cinema art has become highly collectable of late!)
  19. 'Woody'? Aww, G-Man, how cute! That FBI story, crikey! Quite apart from the illegality, I honestly don't understand how anyone could have the gall to do something like that. Which is probably a contributing factor as to why I'm not a criminal mastermind.
  20. Enaira


    When the time has come, you'll know where to find us. In the meantime I am thinking about you all on the other side of the Renegade name.
  21. Blimey that is going back some lol.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Whilst I think about it, I also have a minor problem with the Terminator franchise - bear with me while I try to explain my issue! T1 - Arnie is a Terminator sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor before she can give birth to John, who will lead the resistance against Skynet in the future. So far, so good. But then we learn in Terminator 2 that the chap responsible for developing Skynet reverse engineered the technology from the CPU recovered from the first Terminator. So...............why did the first one come back at all? I mean, if he hadn't come back, no CPU, therefore no Skynet, therefore no problem, right? Or have I missed something really obvious? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the films (well, the first two anyway) but once this thought had occurred to me I can't watch it without it making my brain itch
  24. Ah yes, back in the days when he was still a fresh faced innocent called Geoff Woody - bet you could never have imagined how things would turn out, eh Geoff? I've said it before and I'll say it again, you give hope to us all!!
  25. Super sleuth Ariane strikes again! Thanks for tracking this down, I can only imagine how TJ must have felt about this guy - probably lucky Thomas didn't get his hands on him!
  26. @Gail and all, look what I found here. The FBI story mentioned during the May 17th Q&A ! Plus... if you scroll down the thread you'll find the first posts of a certain Geoff, all sweet and new on the forum (2011), asking excellent questions to TJ. At that time, he was just like the rest of us now
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