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    Crown Vic

    I know - this makes no sense at all.......Crown Vic clearly refers to the car, Protect & Serve is the LAPD motto, but where the hell does Bulletproof come from?? Answers on a postcard please! I am happy to confirm however that, whatever they call it, the film is a blast! Thomas is as fantastic as ever, really inhabits the role and plays it to perfection (but that was never in doubt), Luke Kleintank is great as the rookie and the story is as real and gritty as they come this side of a documentary. Josh Hopkins seemed to be having a ball with his character, but David Krumholtz looked like he'd wandered in off the set of a dodgy '70s porn flick - every time he appeared I heard a 'bow-chica-wow-wow' guitar riff in my head - nasty characters but played well. Big round of applause to all involved
  3. An interview at the Mammoth Film Festival:
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    Forum Upgrade

    Anyone having issues responding. This should be be fixed as there was a badly cached data set I had to fix.
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    Crown Vic

    This movie is also named Bulletproof? This is strange I believed that the English-speaking world was splitted between Crown Vic and Protect and Serve... this page is from Canada. BULLETPROOF Trailer (2020) Thomas Jane Cop Action Movie HDAn intense, gritty and riveting crime thriller following two LAPD officers as they hunt two cop killers on the loose in a city about to boil over. #BulletproofTraining Day meets End of Watch, Bulletproof is a brutal look at the extreme danger and unthinkable sacrifices police offers face when they commit to serve and protect the public starring Thomas Jane (The Mist) and Luke Kleintank (Man in the High Castle). https://www.joblo.com/movie-trailers/bulletproof-trailer-2020-thomas-jane-cop-action-movie-hd
  7. Enaira

    Crown Vic

    Hi Viendammage! Good to hear from you. I see you had a good day
  8. Happy Memorial Day from Los Angeles all! Spent part of the afternoon with Crown Vic, it's streaming on free on Crackle. Slick, moody flick with vibes of Drive, Narc and Training Day. TJ is excellent as usual as the world weary, reality faced patrolman who is neither a super cop or corrupt burn out. There's some tense sequences throughout, especially towards the end.
  9. Happy cakeday Anne! Happy cakeday Samantha! Hope you both have great days today! xx
  10. Happy Birthday to Samantha and Anne. Hope you have a lovely day xx
  11. Oh nice, thanks Geoff, look forward to seeing them.
  12. How cool! Thanks to all involved
  13. Great , I can’t wait to see them !!!
  14. Happy birthday to honorary RAWarrior Anne. She will have a great day!
  15. I've got some great pics from Anne, Jeremy and Breck from S5 and will get them up when the time is right.
  16. Latest Tweet from Breck Eisner: Breck Eisner @Breck_Eisner · Apr 29 After blocking a scene with actors 'second team' stands in for the actors so DP can light. When really busy and 'second team' is on another set 'THIRD TEAM' is called to action. Here you can see @JamesSACorey in his role as 'third team' playing role of Ashford (w/@ThomasJane)
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