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  2. I was embarrassed to ask in case I’d missed some literary gem Should have done my homework!
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  4. OK, so scripts being finished off with Yolanda and Candice overseeing it. Candice will also act as script supervisor and everyone is all pulling together on it. I was waiting for someone to ask about "Troppo"..........basically its an Australian slang term which basically means "Going mad from the heat"
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  6. Hello Geoff, the euphoria of the big news settles a tiny bit and already I do have questions The press release states that the adaptation has been made by Yolanda Ramke. Is this 100% ready? Was it a prerequisite to close the deal, or is she also in some way also a creative partner? Now that the book is written, praised and adapted: what will be the role of Candice Fox? Spontaneously I would have thought that Renegade would interact more with Yolanda than with Candice? Now to the name Troppo: is it mentioned in the book and relates to a part of the story? If not, what is the story behind it? It means "too much" in Italian, but maybe there's something I miss here? Thank you!
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  8. Happy cakeday @inspiredmad - have a lovely day!
  9. Hey Inspiredmad! Sending you very best wishes for a great birthday, hope you have a wonderful day
  10. Happy birthday @inspiredmad...I hope you have a wonderful day ...
  11. An excellent birthday to you @inspiredmad! wishing you a fun day, beautiful weather and lots of surprises
  12. I had ruled out all other possibilities in May
  13. Fantastic news - can’t wait! Sounds great And well done for figuring out Renegade’s cryptic clues Ariane!
  14. Awesome news! He's put the past months to good use
  15. Yeah I'm finding that too. Even if they let the fake ones stay everyone will know which is the real one now. Keep reporting though.
  16. Yaaaaayyyyy!!! About time!! I don't get what took IG so long to verify him. But he managed to gain thousands of followers before they did. I'll gladly report all the fake ones I come across. But sometimes, IG still lets those fake ones slide by. Just reported another star's fake acct. the other day. IG responded & didn't seem to think it went against their guidelines. Whatever.
  17. Just saw this announcement on TJ's VERIFIED IG. Such exciting news! Love that TJ's starring in it, as well! I was worried he'd stay BTS with Renegade projects, which I'm sure will happen for some. But a new series starring Tom -- Woohoo!!
  18. Rosella


    Thanks for the tag, @Enaira!! I do love when our man gets such a prestigious credit.
  19. Six minutes – that’s all it took to ruin Detective Ted Conkaffey’s life. Accused but not convicted of abducting a teenage girl, he escapes north, to the steamy, croc-infested wetlands of Crimson Lake. Amanda Pharrell knows what it’s like to be public enemy number one. Maybe it’s her murderous past that makes her so good as a private investigator, tracking lost souls in the wilderness. Her latest target, missing author Jake Scully, has a life more shrouded in secrets than her own – so she enlists help from the one person in town more hated than she is: Ted Conkaffey. But the residents of Crimson Lake are watching the pair’s every move. And for Ted, a man already at breaking point, this town is offering no place to hide Renegade release can be found here.....https://deadline.com/2020/08/thomas-jane-to-star-in-ep-troppo-crime-drama-series-via-his-renegade-entertainment-1203004582/
  20. Gail

    The Expanse

    The Don has spoken.......!
  21. Season 6 has not been confirmed.
  22. It's been a pain in the arse to sort but it means I can now remove and stop all the fake accounts.
  23. According to J. Benning, things are in the works but he's not been told anything yet.
  24. Thanks ninja I was aware of this blue tick thing but wasn’t sure what the significance of it was
  25. TJ's account is now verified, meaning that people can storm in and enjoy without fearing that he's a fraud.
  26. You’ll have to educate me - what does this actually mean?
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