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  2. Okay! Do you know what, nothing ventured nothing gained, carpe diem and all that jazz..........................unless I revert to type and bottle it! (Jury's still out!!)
  3. Geoff


    The problem with playing a character floating in space the location doesn't change much.
  4. Perfect thank you!
  5. No RAW merch is currently available. I'm not honestly sure if there is old stock of any kind but it's worth knowing and I'll ask Tom as I don't have one myself and I'd love one. As for reproduction I'm not sure if copyright or trademark exists on the logo but certainly formal permission would have to be obtained. Will check that also and let you know.
  6. I thought it would be easier to get "recognized" during the FedCon with a T-shirt ...
  7. Hi Geoff, do you know if the Raw Shop still exists? I read in one thread that T-Shirts were available but it was several years ago. If not, I'd like to make one. Do you think there might be copyright issues of some kind? Thanks
  8. Yesterday
  9. S’okay Geoff, already filed this under ‘Never gonna happen.....’!
  10. Ah hah! You're beginning to crack! Now just need to get the right numbers in the right order and job's a good 'un!!
  11. Thanks Ariane, I don’t think I’ll be considering a career change any time soon though!
  12. Another question for the Q and A next month.
  13. In this case you'll really have to ask Tom. That's the worst that could happen to you!
  14. You never know. Maybe see if she has any social media.
  15. Unbelievable. Gail this is great too!
  16. Last week
  17. Thanks for the advice @Geoff and for the warm welcome (same for @Enaira) ! I did send her an email a couple of days ago but I doubt she'll have the time to answer such a small and low stakes question. C'est la vie.
  18. Hmm, within reason? So asking for his mobile number is out of the question then?.
  19. Okay Rosella, you've inspired me! Please don't be too harsh (this is the first and probably the last writing I will ever do, nearly got a damned migraine putting this together!!) Hey Thomas! Do I have your attention fella? 'Cos there's a few things I just gotta tell ya You've well and truly blown my mind And turned my world upside down From The Punisher Castle to Detective Miller (perfect if you like your heroes a bit less 'vanilla') And everything before, between and still to come A shining star in an ocean of 'blah' The soul of an artist, the heart of a poet The face of an angel (with a hint of the Devil!) So Tom, take a bow and drink in the praise You have my devotion till the end of my days Love ya, man. x
  20. Hi Rosella, I really like it! I think I can understand the fun it was to write it thanks for sharing.
  21. HA! I mean I say Ha but seriously who knows. Maybe its a good question for the Q & A next month.
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