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  2. Thanks AI - I know how out of hand conversations like this can get on some forums, but like I said, we’re all reasonable adults here! Yeah, Star Wars is just one of those franchises that seem to have run out of original ideas (and acting ability in some cases ). I did enjoy Rogue One though, seemed to breathe some new life into it. If we’re extending this to franchises, it’s gonna be hard to beat The Matrix for diminishing returns!
  3. I kind of agree with you here And it's totally fine not to like Star Wars! The first trilogy was fun, the second forgettable, the third... Meh. Some nice ideas and characters here and there, the whole is perfectly watchable and enjoyable sometimes. But I'm not an hardcore fan. Haven't seen the last one, but I've heard it's disappointing, even for fans. Has someone here seen it? That being said, Rogue one seems pretty good, and so does The Mandolarian.
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  5. I did wonder about adding this one, just in case anyone got seriously upset with me but since we're all adults I'll risk it ------ Star Wars. And now I'm actually flinching as I type, but bear with me, and maybe you'll find yourself agreeing with one or two things (or maybe you won't and that's fine too!). Before I go any further, I won't be dissing the original because although C3PO is a bit of a whiny douche (and why so camp?) the rest of it is still quite watchable after all these years. And it's got a young Harrison Ford in it! But after that it does go gradually downhill if you ask me, and in no particular order these are just some of my gripes: Ewoks/Jar Jar Binks - just WTF?? Liam Neeson - can't take him seriously at all in this Ewan MacGregor's attempt at sounding like Alec Guinness Hayden Christensen - 'nuff said There's probably more but those sprang immediately to mind. And I can't do with Daisy Ridley in the latest trilogy, to me she comes across as all jolly-hockey-sticks/girls school prefect, much preferred Felicity Jones in Rogue One. Oh, and Adam Driver seems to have come straight from the Hayden Christensen School of Sulky Acting. I've not seen the (hopefully) last one yet but I'm not holding out much hope for improvement. Feel better now I've got that off my chest!!
  6. Ooh, hope not - I keep trying to tell him I’m busy at work!!
  7. You know with his newly gained "free time", he might lurk around here and check all the nonsense you're writing
  8. I’ll do my best to uphold the honour of the collective RAWarriors, hope there’ll be more opportunities to meet somewhere down the line It was quite a big decision to make, financially as much as anything, but we will manage - I’d rather be a bit poorer but happy, and that description of stress levels decreasing was exactly the same! He’s not retiring as such but might just look for something part time to keep him occupied (and stop him trashing the house!!)
  9. And I'm sure you'll an admirable job! I really would have loved to meet you - fingers crossed there'll be other opportunities, though! I don't imagine he made the decision lightly - it's a big step. Has he taken early retirement, or will he do something else? K fired his London agent on Monday, and I couldn't be happier about it. Y'know that sound the tractor beam makes when Obi Wan powers it down? That's basically K's stress levels decreasing! It's a tough one, to be sure, and frankly, too good an opportunity for the guys to miss out on. I think you've done right; after all, we wouldn't want them feeling too deprived... it's bad enough they won't get to meet me, wouldn't want them crying into their pillows for the duration of the con.
  10. Nicole


    You wouldn't have us any other way, Geoff!
  11. Aw that sucks Nicole, but I totally get why. Would have been great to meet up - at this rate I’ll be the only one waving the RAW banner on Sunday! To be fair, it’s a wee bit irresponsible of me too since Beloved has just decided to jack in his job (26 years service and the management don’t even seem to be that bothered he’s going, but at least I have a happy man at home again), but then this could be the only chance that Thomas (and Geoff!) get to meet me so what’s a girl to do?
  12. Sadly, I've never managed to meet him; twice he was due to attends cons I was at, and both times, he had to cancel. Such a shame. By all accounts, he's a really fun person, and totally gets into the spirit of things. Now that it's on Prime, K and I are currently watching an episode of Buffy each night! In other news, it seems the fates have decided that I shan't be able to go to WCC after all, due to the weekend passes being sold out. Part of me is a bit relieved to not to have to make that decision because logically, I have to be careful with money at the mo' because we need to move closer to the fam. K's mum has recently had a couple of falls, and while she's fine now, she is in her mid-80s, and should she need looking after, it would be grossly unfair to expect K's sister and her family to have to do it. So right now, it would be wholly irresponsible of me to go and spend several hundred pounds on attending RAWmeet ... ummm....comic con, when that money should be put toward the cost of moving house. I am, nevertheless, truly sorry at not being able to meet up with fellow RAWsters - it would have been so much fun. But I know you're all going to have a blast, and I shall be terribly envious!
  13. Somebody really needs to invent bleach for the brain!!!!!!
  14. Never seen that one - I’m afraid the title alone did for me. I always got the impression it would be some psychological, navel-gazing claptrap (although it seems to be of a more carnal nature), so, given your thoughts on it, happy that I steered well clear of it!
  15. Ooh, might I add The Unbearable Lightness of Being? In truth, the fact that the only people I knew who'd watched and enjoyed it were utterly pretentious knobbers should've triggered flashing warning lights and klaxons; however, undaunted, I went for it. I lasted roughly 17.3 minutes before I wanted to get all Oedipus on my eyeballs.
  16. Fun to do as well, although I’m beginning to suspect I’m far grumpier about the subject than I thought I was!! . Do you have anything to add Geoff?
  17. HA, fun read this. Keep it going.
  18. As an update here (although limited) things are moving forward with schedules. People have been lined up and things being put in place but bloody hell there is a lot of work to do before even pre production starts. Hoping to be shot late this year but thats all I can say at the mo.
  19. Gail

    Crimson Blues

    Noooooooooo! This sounded brilliant
  20. Geoff


    Still no news here either so im kinda thinking this one might be sunk. Just awaiting confirmation. Thomas and Anne are cooking up something else though, just to early to comment officially yet.
  21. Gail


    Well looky who’s back with us!!! Good to see ya Geoff - how’s tricks? Any news to bring us?
  22. Alas it appears likely never. From Toms understanding this one is now a non starter. Just couldn't get everything aligned.
  23. Used to love Buffy The Vampire Slayer so looking forward to meeting James.
  24. Geoff


    Youre all quite mad. Nothing Misery like just busy (Mask off MWHAHAHAHAHAHA)
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